Payment Setup

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The payment key is a setup identifier for each payment and required by EFTsecure and Checkout integrations.


The response will contain a key that can be used for the checkout widget or redirect.

Shared parameters:

Attribute Type Description Required
token Auth token ie. c8e542542bcd6b35a5bb708a6df66f08 If no basic auth
amount decimal[10,2] 10.00 Yes
merchant_reference string transaction reference for merchant Yes
customer_reference string transaction reference for customer No
success_url string Redirect url for success No
error_url string Redirect url on error No
cancel_url string Redirect url on cancel No
notify_url string Webhook for getting notified about results No
payment_type string Which payment type to offer the customer
eg. [credit_card]
Will determine hosted endpoint in response.
currency_code string Country currency code, will return supported services for that currency
eg. [ZAR, NGN]
Will default to the organisation default currency

Credit Card payment parameters:

Attribute Type Description Required
card_token guid Credit Card Token to be used for recurring transactions
Note: This can only be sent if payment_type is credit_card
card_token_3ds boolean(0 or 1) Enable/Disable 3ds for token payment if gateway supports it No (will default to backend setting)
is_authorisation boolean(0 or 1) is_authorisation confirms if payment has been set as an authorised payment and then will be settled or reversed thereafter No